Physical Break Meaning

(idiomatic) A short break in a meeting or in a classroom setting, intended to improve attention.

Example: 1973, Frank B. May, To Help Children Read: Mastery Performance Modules for Teachers in Training, page 73:
  Hopefully you decided to use the dancing, rhythms, or dramatic play as an opportunity for plenty of movement — a chance for a physical break between two intellectual activities.
2005, Jane L. Sigford, Who Said School Administration Would be Fun?, page 91:
  Adults need a physical break every hour so they can get up and move around.
2006, James P. Trotzer, The Counselor and the Group: Integrating Theory, Training, and Practice, page 83:
  These activities are most useful as icebreakers at the start of group sessions or energizers when group members indicate a need for a physical break
2008, Michael Gurian; Kathy Stevens, Kelley King, Strategies for Teaching Boys and Girls -- Elementary Level, page 19:
  She followed the lead of other teachers who utilized physical break times in lesson plans.