Pill Mill Meaning

(idiomatic) An clandestine operation where a medical worker spuriously offers prescription medications to patients in exchange for bribes and not necessarily for any actual need.

Example: 2011, Jane Musgrave, The Palm Beach Post, 4 men sentenced in pill mill scheme, link
  Four men who helped Jeff and Chris George run their lucrative pill mills received sentences ranging from 9 months to 14 years today in federal court.
2014, JB McMunn, M.D., Naked Capitalism, The Stealthy, Ugly Growth of Corporatized Medicine, link
  Needless to say, the professional bullying from the primary care physicians (PCPs) and the [hospital] administrators to run both a pill mill and a needle jockey business was tremendous. I resisted the entire time, but god it wore me out. [From a pain specialist for a large multi-specialty group.]