Play The Angles Meaning

(sports, of an offensive player) In a game which involves control of a moving object, such as a ball or puck, to seek scoring opportunities by advancing on or shooting at the scoring target in an angular manner across the field of play.

Example: 1966 Dec. 23, "Stars: The Now & Future Queen," Time (retrieved 27 Feb 2014):
  In a town where everybody plays the angles and wholesomeness is something of an aberration, Julie Andrews, 31, is tolerated as a delightful kook.
2007, Pete Hautman, All-in, ISBN 9781416913252, p. 40 (Google preview):
  She told him that she was dangerous, that she couldn't be trusted, that all she wanted to do in her life was play the angles and stick it to anybody who gave her the opportunity.
2012 June 21, "Editorial: Sanctions Against Iran," New York Times (retrieved 27 Feb 2014):
  Iran, always playing the angles, is still trying to figure out how much economic pain it is willing to accept to maintain its nuclear ambitions and what, if anything, it is willing to give up.
2012 Feb. 13, Connie Cass, "At least your money can live like a millionaire's," Businessweek (retrieved 1 March 2014):
  For tax evaders and those playing the angles, a network of accountants, lawyers and bankers is ready to set up shell companies and phony trusts to hide behind.
1996, Robert W. Creamer, Stengel: His Life and Times, ISBN 9780803263673, p. 43 (Google preview):
  Stengel also had trouble with balls bouncing off the outfield fences. . . . "If you want somebody to play the angles," the frustrated rookie replied, "why don't you hire a pool player?"
2014 Feb. 23, James Emery, "Flames welcome back Olympians Smid, Berra," Calgary Sun (Canada) (retrieved 1 March 2014):
  â€œIt’s good to get back on the ice and back to NHL habits,” Smid said. “The rink is a little bit smaller here and you’ve got to play the angles differently.”
1987 Feb. 9, Peter Alfano, "Tennis: Mayotte defeats McEnroe in 4 sets," New York Times (retrieved 1 March 2014):
  McEnroe was broken again in the sixth game, making three uncharacteristic errors. His volleys lacked crispness. Instead of playing the angles, he was hitting them right back to Mayotte.
2014 March 1, Mike Pejic, "Making the Britannia Stadium a fortress key to Stoke City's Premier League survival," The Sentinel (UK) (retrieved 1 March 2014):
  Whoever is playing for Arsenal, they just love to cram central areas and knock the ball around in the attacking third. Whether they are playing the angles with quick one-twos, or passing and following the path of the ball, they are forever moving you around defensively.