Press Into Service Meaning

(idiomatic) To make someone perform a task or duty, especially one they are not prepared or willing to do; to make something serve a function, especially one it was not designed or intended for.

Example:   Anyone with basic first-aid training was pressed into service as a triage nurse after the earthquake.
1979, Iain Nicolson, book review, New Scientist, 25 January 1979, page 269:
  In essence, the book gives a step-by-step account of how the author built, modified and developed his own 6-inch Newtonian reflector, pressing into service such materials as old larder shelves, a car halfshaft, pieces of Meccano, and several coffee-jar tops.
2010, Robert S. McDaniel & Katherine J. McDaniel, Soap Maker's Workshop: The Art and Craft of Natural Homemade Soap, Krause Publications (2010), ISBN 9781440207914, page 136:
  Even the molds don't have to be expensive — most plastic bins, bowls or drawer dividers can be pressed into service, though silicone molds are readily available.
2011, Colin Barrow, Starting a Business for Dummies, John Wiley & Sons, Ltd (2011), ISBN 9780470978108, page 51:
  The chances are that you have nearly everything you need to start up your business already somewhere around your home. […] You can press into service a garage, loft, spare bedroom or garden shed for a whole host of business-related takes from holding stock to being a dedicated office space away from the normal hustle of home life.