Punch Someone's Lights Out Meaning

(idiomatic) To give someone a serious beating using one's fists; to punch someone until he or she is unconscious.

Example: 1979 May 10, "NL Action is Wild and Woolly," Spokane Daily Chronicle, p. 45 (retrieved 12 Nov 2015):
  "My intention was to punch his lights out," Parker said of Garber, "but as I got closer to the mound, my faculties came back and I cooled off. I just him and asked him what was going on."
1980 July 17, Mike Steere, "Mediation Can Replace Lawsuits," Toledo Blade, p. 18 (retrieved 12 Nov 2015):
  After nasty phone calls, curses hurled over the back fence, fist-shaking, and other attempts to impress him with your seriousness, you meet him at the supermarket, lose control, and punch his lights out.
2005 Dec. 11, Terry Golway, "Jersey: Codey Can Now Bow Out With His Head Held High," New York Times (retrieved 12 Nov 2015):
  A Jersey Guy is a guy who does his duty and loves his family and will punch your lights out if you insult his wife.