Queer Street

(idiomatic, boxing) A stunned condition.

Example: 1818, Thomas Hudson, Comic Songs‎, page 23:
  But soon they led a Queer-street life, / 'Twas what she'd not expected / Like cat and dog, with snarl and strife, / And love and lamps neglected. / About his work he would not wag
2009‎ ‎Mar 17, “The dangers of commerce in medical care”, Yorkshire Post:
  The only reason Ms Beverley-Stevenson and her two companies are in business is to make a profit, otherwise she and her partners would be on Queer Street.
1957 Aug 10, “Cronin's Corner”, Los Angeles Times:
  In any event, the German slugger nailed down 21 of his 39 victories by putting his opponent on Queer Street via the knockout route.
1971 Mar 9, “In the Wake of the News”, Chicago Tribune:
  Frazier had him on Queer Street in the 11th round. ... He was glad he got off Queer Street.