Raise The Roof Meaning

(idiomatic) To cause a commotion, as by boisterous celebrating or loud complaining; to make considerable noise.

Example: 1918 Dec. 24, "A Bold Assertion" in the Ashburton Guardian (New Zealand), 2
  What Jack loves above all is a song with a rousing chorus... in which Jack can do his bit towards "raising the roof".
1956 Nov. 7, "Ruth Millett" in the Victoria Advocate (Texas), 5
  This is . . . why she raises the roof if he pays too much attention to another woman at a party.
  1987, Public Enemy, "Raise the Roof" on Yo! Bum Rush the Show
  You gotta raise the roof because it's all on fire
2008 Oct. 15, Leslie Ferenc, "Voters opt for stability of Guarnieri" in the Toronto Star (Canada)
  Jubilant Liberal supporters raised the roof of a Mississauga restaurant after incumbent Albina Guarnieri was swept back into office for her seventh term.