Roll The Dice Meaning

(idiomatic) To take a chance.

Example: 1995 Aug. 13, Christopher Farrell, "Commentary: Media Control Is Narrowing. Should We Worry?," Businessweek (retrieved 14 Aug. 2012):
  No one really knows which companies and technologies will come out ahead, so everyone is rolling the dice.
2003, James Siegel, Derailed, ISBN 9780446531580, (Google preview):
  Could we take the chance? Could we roll the dice?
2009 June 15, Tony Karon, "Khamenei: The Power Behind the President," Time:
  Whatever comes next, the events of the June 12 presidential election will be remembered as a turning point in Iran's revolutionary history; a moment when Ayatullah Ali Khamenei rolled the dice.
2011 Sep. 3, Jesse Hirsch, "Local Grocery Stores Try to Find Traction in Tough Times," New York Times (retrieved 14 Aug. 2012):
  Fresh & Easy is rolling the dice that Ms. Morris’s shopping patterns are not unique.