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If you want to type the required word in Urdu but cannot type, then your worries are over. You can access our Roman Urdu to English dictionary or tool to deal with any difficulty that you are facing in the Urdu typing. We have a large database of Roman Urdu to English meanings that will surely enhance your vocabulary.

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Dictionary is one of the most important gadgets as it helps to translate from one language to another but we have come up with an amazing twist by bringing Roman to Urdu dictionary. This amazing and helpful Roman to Urdu dictionary online will assist people to translate the Roman text in Urdu without any hassle. It not only helps in learning Urdu diction as well as in writing the correct Urdu. Roman to Urdu dictionary would also help in text and translate the roman text in Urdu. Convert the Roman text in Urdu with the smooth move and enjoy the Urdu script without finding it hard to write. It is designed to provide an easy online tool to convert the Roman text into the Urdu language. To translate any roman words in Urdu just write it in a search bar of Roman to Urdu dictionary page.