Run Over Meaning

(engineering) To have rotation in such direction that the crank pin traverses the upper, or front, half of its path in the forward, or outward, stroke; said of a crank which drives, or is driven by, a reciprocating piece.

Example:   The previous presentation ran over and ours had to start late.
To cross by running
  The athletes must run over the bridge to reach the finish line.
  Can you believe somebody would just run over a cat like that?
  Before we start the project, let's just run over who is doing what.
  You'd better run over your statement before going on the platform.
To overflow
  The bath water nearly ran over.
2010 December 31, “Magners League: Cardiff Blues 27-25 Osprey”[1], BBC:
  Andrew Bishop then ran over in the closing stages, but it was too late.