say no more

(idiomatic, often humorous) What has already been said conveys all the meaning and information needed to draw a conclusion concerning a matter which it would be imprudent to discuss further.

Example: 2004 March 1, Sora Song, "Fake an Orgasm, Fend Off a Rabbit," Time (retrieved 19 Sep 2015):
  Last week the Brits appropriated a couple of all-American icons—persnickety Sally Albright and her friend Harry Burns—when the stage play of Rob Reiner's 1989 classic When Harry Met Sally opened in London's West End. . . . Next spring Americans will get their return when the musical version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail debuts on Broadway. The show will be called Spamalot. Say no more.
2013 May 8, "Most controversial music videos," Independent (UK) (retrieved 19 Sep 2015):
  Nas walked through the garden of Gethsemane in his 1999 music video. Other scenes featured the rapper being crucified on the cross. Say no more.
2015 May 27, "Jonathan Franzen Talks Up, and Around, His New Novel," New York Times (retrieved 19 Sep 2015):
  Those who left early missed a highlight of the event, a self-described "rising sophomore at the University of Connecticut" telling Franzen that The Corrections was the basis for her project on the "depressed male protagonist in post-9/11 literature."
  "Say no more," answered a surprised, but amused Franzen.