Scared Meaning in Hindi (डरा हुआ)

Scared meaning in Hindi is Dara Hua (डरा हुआ) - Synonyms and related Scared meaning is Frightened. Check out Scared similar words like Scar and Scare Hindu Translation is Dara Hua डरा हुआ.

Dara Hua डरा हुआ
Bhayabheet भयभीत
Bhayatur भयातुर


Scar Scare

Scared Definition

• Scared
  1. (imp. & p. p.) of Scare

• Scar
  1. (n.) An isolated or protruding rock; a steep, rocky eminence; a bare place on the side of a mountain or steep bank of earth.
  2. (n.) A marine food fish, the scarus, or parrot fish.
  3. (n.) A mark in the skin or flesh of an animal, made by a wound or ulcer, and remaining after the wound or ulcer is healed; a cicatrix; a mark left by a previous injury; a blemish; a disfigurement.
  4. (n.) A mark left upon a stem or branch by the fall of a leaf, leaflet, or frond, or upon a seed by the separation of its support. See Illust.. under Axillary.
  5. (v. t.) To mark with a scar or scars.
  6. (v. i.) To form a scar.

• Scare
  1. (n.) Fright; esp., sudden fright produced by a trifling cause, or originating in mistake.
  2. (v. t.) To frighten; to strike with sudden fear; to alarm.

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Scared Meaning in Hindi

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