sex on a stick

(idiomatic, slang) A very sexually attractive person or persons.

Example: 1996, Ken Follett, Third Twin [1]
  She put in her favorite nose jewel, a small sapphire in a silver mount. In the mirror she looked like sex-on-a-stick.
2002, Jerry Stahl, Plainclothes Naked [2]
  Tina was sex-on-a-stick, so he had to be vigilant.
2002, Katie Fforde, Second Thyme Around [3]
  But then, Geoff couldn’t exactly be described as sex on a stick, not even by a frustrated divorcee like herself.
2004, Karin Slaughter, Indelible [4]
  â€œWhat’d Jill-June say?” / “That he’s sex on a stick.[”] / Sara smiled at the understatement.