Show Ankle Meaning

(idiomatic) To provide a hint or to reveal partial information in order to gain attention or arouse interest.

Example: 1984 Nov. 28, William Beecher, "Reagan under Pressure to Modify Arms Stance," Boston Globe (USA), p. 1:
  "He figures that to do so, he'll have to be able to show a little ankle, to give some idea of new positions the United States is prepared to take."
1987 Nov. 23, "Suddenly, A Visit by Cuomo Enlivens a Benefit For Casey," Philadelphia Inquirer (USA), p. B01:
  No one expects Cuomo to declare his candidacy tonight But Carduff said "we expect him to show some ankle".
2005 June 7, Erin Joyce, "SQL Server 2005 Queues Up for Prime Time," (USA) (retrieved 5 Sep. 2011):
  Microsoft showed some ankle and then some with advanced tools, database and server features in the latest builds of SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005 and BizTalk Server 2006.
2006 Oct. 18, "On the right track," The Telegraph (UK) (retrieved 5 Sep. 2011):
  Now, it seems, the shadow chancellor, George Osborne, is ready to show a little ankle by welcoming a proposal from Lord Forsyth's tax commission to abolish stamp duty on shares.
2011 Aug. 12, "Football & Sport: Manchester United: A Comparison of Sneijder, Cantona, Scholes And Ronaldo," Sabotage Times (UK) (retrieved 5 Sep. 2011):
  Sneijder showed some ankle last week with a veiled ‘come and get me’ plea that was promptly rebuffed by David Gill stating that the deal probably won’t go ahead now.