Show Meaning in Hindi (प्रदर्शन)

Show meaning in Hindi is Pradarshan (प्रदर्शन) - Synonyms and related Show meaning is Appearance, Demonstrate, Depict and Display and Establish. Check out Show similar words like Show up, Show off and shows Hindu Translation is Pradarshan प्रदर्शन.

Show Meaning
Pradarshan प्रदर्शन
Pradarshani प्रदर्शनी
Prakashit Karana प्रकाशित करना
Show Sentence
  1. His piety is a mere show
  2. Show the guests in
  3. Boys will go to see the show
Show Definition & Meaning In English
  1. (v. t.) To make apparent or clear, as by evidence, testimony, or reasoning; to prove; to explain; also, to manifest; to evince; as, to show the truth of a statement; to show the causes of an event.
  2. (v. i.) To exhibit or manifest ones self or itself; to appear; to look; to be in appearance; to seem.
  3. (n.) A pale blue flame, at the top of a candle flame, indicating the presence of fire damp.
  4. (n.) A discharge, from the vagina, of mucus streaked with blood, occuring a short time before labor.
  5. (v. t.) Specifically, to make known the way to (a person); hence, to direct; to guide; to asher; to conduct; as, to show a person into a parlor; to show one to the door.
  6. (v. t.) To exhibit or present to view; to place in sight; to display; -- the thing exhibited being the object, and often with an indirect object denoting the person or thing seeing or beholding; as, to show a house; show your colors; shopkeepers show customers goods (show goods to customers).
  7. (n.) The act of showing, or bringing to view; exposure to sight; exhibition.
  8. (n.) That which os shown, or brought to view; that which is arranged to be seen; a spectacle; an exhibition; as, a traveling show; a cattle show.
  9. (v. i.) To have a certain appearance, as well or ill, fit or unfit; to become or suit; to appear.
  10. (n.) False semblance; deceitful appearance; pretense.
  11. (v. t.) To bestow; to confer; to afford; as, to show favor.
  12. (n.) Semblance; likeness; appearance.
  13. (v. t.) To exhibit to the mental view; to tell; to disclose; to reveal; to make known; as, to show ones designs.
  14. (n.) Proud or ostentatious display; parade; pomp.
  1. (a.) Of or pertaining to a shower or showers.
  2. (a.) Raining in showers; abounding with frequent showers of rain.
  1. (adv.) In a showy manner; pompously; with parade.
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Show Meaning in Hindi

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