Snazz Up Meaning

(transitive, chiefly US, idiomatic) To improve appearance or appeal by increasing stylishness or functionality, or by adding other attractive features.

Example: 1983, Donna Hagemann in New Guardians of the Press: Selected Profiles of America's Women Newspaper Editors, Judith Clabes ed., ISBN 9780897301060, p. 88:
  He worked with me from the very beginning to tighten and brighten my writing, snazz up my layouts.
2003, Nora Roberts, Key of Light, ISBN 9780515136289, p. 186:
  And wouldn't it snazz up the entrance to have a stained-glass window replace the clear one over the front door?
2003, Misha Berson, "On Broadway, old wine in snazzy new bottles," Seattle Times, 1 Jun. (retrieved 8 Jan. 2009):
  The Great White Way has in recent years increasingly banked on resurrections of Golden Oldie musicals and dramas from earlier decades, snazzed up with cinematic stars as box-office bait.