Stars Are Aligned Meaning

(idiomatic) Present conditions are favorable; future prospects are good.

Example: 1998 Feb. 27, David W. Chen, "Insurer Sets Review Plan For Disputes," New York Times (retrieved 24 July 2015):
  "[T]his is something we've been fighting for for years. . . . I think the stars are aligned for legislative action this year."
2001 June 24, Daren Fonda, "Why Tobacco Won't Quit," Time (retrieved 24 July 2015):
  "The stars are aligned for tobacco stocks," says Bonnie Herzog, a tobacco analyst with Credit Suisse First Boston. "Everything is working in their favor."
2011 Nov. 9, Simon Turnbull, "Can London win in Monte Carlo and trump Qatar's big cash pitch?," Independent (UK) (retrieved 24 July 2015):
  Ed Warner, the chairman of UK Athletics, yesterday considered the merits of the domestic governing body's bid to bring the 2017 World Athletics Championships to London and concluded: "Our stars are aligned at the moment."