Stay Hungry Meaning

(idiomatic) To maintain a strong motivation to achieve or compete; to avoid complacency.

Example: 1979 July 21, "Steeler Veterans Arrive," Youngstown Vindicator, p. 13 (retrieved 8 August 2013):
  They've got three Super Bowl titles under their belts, but the Pittsburgh Steelers talked about staying hungry as the full squad of veterans arrived at training camp Friday.
1991 Jan. 4, Jaime Diaz, "Golf: Light Mood as Golf Season Opens," New York Times (retrieved 8 August 2013):
  Faldo's main challenge will be to stay hungry despite the more than $10 million he has earned in business opportunities.
2008 May 17, Richard Corliss and Mary Corliss, "Cannes Gets Real" (film review of Tyson), Time (retrieved 8 August 2013):
  Tyson was an apt pupil: he obsessively studied old films of boxing legends, learned the spiritual side of the warrior mentality and, he says, "restrained myself from having sex for about five years." . . . But how to stay hungry when you're dining on caviar, sycophancy and willing women?
2013 March 12, Deborah Sweeney, “15 Lessons I Learned From 15 Years In Business,” (retrieved 8 August 2013):
  Complacency is the demise of business. Steve Jobs said it best when he said, “stay hungry”.