Straight Shooter Meaning

(informal, recreational drugs) A type of pipe used for smoking cocaine.

Example: 1996 Feb. 12, Katharine Q. Seelye, "Politics: Bob Dole—In No-Frills Message, Modesty Vies With Pride in Service," New York Times (retrieved 4 Sep 2012):
  The image he projects seems at home here in Iowa: the straight-shooter, the truth-teller, the unadorned Kansan from the prairie.
2006, Dec. 25, Dan Rather, "A Fond Farewell: Ed Bradley," Time:
  And those lucky enough to be around him always knew who he was too — a gentleman of extraordinary character, a straight shooter and a pioneering journalist destined to be remembered.
1966 Feb. 18, "The Administration: Unburdening Bill," Time:
  A 1934 journalism graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Fleming, who has a reputation as an abrasive straight shooter, was a newspaper and magazine correspondent before joining ABC in 1957.
1991 Sep. 11, Claire Smith, "On Baseball: Green Could Mean Luck for the Mets," New York Times (retrieved 4 Sep 2012):
  [B]aseball's equivalent of John Wayne, one Dallas Green, will likely come in, take some players by the scruffs of their necks, tell them to shut up and play in a fundamentally sound way. . . . The human boom box, the relentless straight shooter, will keep all comers more than well aware of where he stands.
2008, David Michaels and Tom Clancy, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon, ISBN 9780425220146, p. 177 (Google preview):
  Keating . . . was an impatient taskmaster, but he was also a straight shooter who never held back a punch. . . . "Mitchell, you look like crap."
2007, Martin L. Stockton, Hustler's Greed, ISBN 9780595437221, p. 3 (Google preview):
  This homemade crack tool was known as a straight shooter, which sped up the effects of smoking rock cocaine allowing it to reach the lungs faster.