Sun Worshipper Meaning

(idiomatic) A person who enjoys exposure to sunlight; an avid sunbather.

Example: 1899, Robert Barr, "The Ambassador's Pigeons":
  Here Christian, or Jew, Sun-worshipper or Pagan implore their several gods unmolested.
1901, Samuel Butler, Erewhon Revisited, ch. 21:
  "The light hurts you?" she said, for the sun was coming into the room. "Change places with me, I am a sun worshipper."
1981 Jan. 11, "Stunning for Sunning," New York Times (retrieved 25 May 2015):
  A bikini . . . tends to slip and slide a bit in the surf. But for a die-hard sun worshipper, a two-piece suit is the next best thing to nothing at all.
2010 Aug. 3, Denis Campbell, "Bottoms bring up the rear in suntan time trials," Guardian (UK) (retrieved 25 May 2015):
  Previous research by Rees has confirmed what sun worshippers already knew: that the upper back is much more likely to tan than the legs.