Sweet Nothings Meaning

(idiomatic) Insubstantial or romantic words that are only meant to flatter, woo, or seduce.

Example: 1904, George Gissing, Veranilda, ch. 28:
  Hearing such words as these, in the sweetest, tenderest voice that ever caressed a lover's senses, Basil knew not how to word all that was in his heart. . . . Side by side, forgetful of all but their recovered peace, they talked sweet nothings.
1922, James Joyce, Ulysses, Episode 16:
  [T]he facts, to make matters worse, were made public with the usual affectionate letters that passed between them, full of sweet nothings.
2004, Joe Klein, "Does Bush Really Get Us?," Time, 25 April:
  It is difficult to know how accurate this portrait is, and how much of it consists of sweet nothings whispered into the author's ear by loyal retainers.