Precedented Synonyms & Definitions

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• PrecedentedDefinition & Meaning in English

  1. (a.) Having a precedent; authorized or sanctioned by an example of a like kind.

• PrecedentDefinition & Meaning in English

  1. (n.) A rough draught of a writing which precedes a finished copy.
  2. (n.) Something done or said that may serve as an example to authorize a subsequent act of the same kind; an authoritative example.
  3. (a.) Going before; anterior; preceding; antecedent; as, precedent services.
  4. (n.) A judicial decision which serves as a rule for future determinations in similar or analogous cases; an authority to be followed in courts of justice; forms of proceeding to be followed in similar cases.
  5. (n.) A preceding circumstance or condition; an antecedent; hence, a prognostic; a token; a sign.