Talk Out Of Turn Meaning

(idiomatic) To make a remark or provide information when it is inappropriate or indiscreet to do so, or when one does not have permission or the authority to do so.

Example: 1894, George Putnam, "A Lady of the Line," Scribner's Magazine, vol. 15, p. 255:
  Wherever she was, she always essayed the leading social role; and it was seldom that a woman said to her: "Mrs. Volante, you are talking out of turn."
1941, "Power Politics," Time, 13 Oct.:
  "If the President is wise, he will henceforth confine his press conferences to domestic questions." . . . With these words, Pundit Walter Lippmann last week reprimanded Franklin Roosevelt for talking out of turn about religious freedom in Russia.
1957, Ruth Montgomery, "Leaders in Congress Fume at Lack of ICBM Security," St. Petersburg Times, 13 Jun., p. 2A (retrieved 25 Sep. 2008):
  Because some government officials apparently talked out of turn, the Russians can now engage in ballistics blackmail with our allies.
2004, Robert Jablon, "Talkative Courtney Love admonished by judge in drug case," San Diego Union Tribune, 17 Mar. (retrieved 25 Sep. 2008):
  A judge admonished rock star Courtney Love after she showed up two hours late for a hearing on drug charges and talked out of turn in court.