Three-Dimensionality Meaning

(idiomatic, of a person or fictional character) Complexity and depth of character.

Example: The state or characteristic of occupying, or of appearing to occupy, three dimensions of space.
2000 Oct. 15, Fred B. Adelson, "Art Review: Perkins Shows Its Reach Is Regional In Exhibition," New York Times (retrieved 20 Nov 2015):
  [T]here are several fascinating mixed-media pieces that give subtle three-dimensionality to predominately flat surfaces.
2005 April 1, Desson Thomson, "'In My Country': Unjustifiable," Washington Post (retrieved 20 Nov 2015):
  Gleeson, a brilliant performer, shows us the face of evil but with the mitigating circumstances of humanity. But his three-dimensionality is jarring; at odds with the wooden movie around him.
2009 May 28, Stephen Adams, "Philip Pullman helps understanding of theology, says Archbishop of Canterbury," Telegraph (UK) (retrieved 20 Nov 2015):
  Dr. Williams . . . commended his "search for some way of talking about human value, human depth and three-dimensionality, that doesn't depend on God."
2010, Hal Erickson, "Tisha Sterling," New York Times (retrieved 20 Nov 2015):
  In 1968, she costarred with Clint Eastwood in the feature film Coogan's Bluff, bringing three-dimensionality to the otherwise cliched role of a hippie.