Time Burglar Meaning

(informal, idiomatic) Something or someone that consumes an inordinate amount of time, especially without achieving anything productive.

Example: 2012, Nick O'Kelly & Patrick Schulte, Live on the Margin: Learn to Love Risk, Profit from Fear, and Retire Tomorrow, Two Old Goats Publishing (2012), ISBN 9780578116648, unnumbered pages:
  Hey, TV can be a great source of learning, information, and keeping your kids occupied, but if your priorities are shifting and you want to grow out of your current life and into a new one, it's a time burglar […]
2013, Sandra Thompson, The Ghostly Grammar Boy, ISBN 9781492306184, unnumbered page:
  Being a social climber was more of a time burglar than having a ghost twin sister.
2015, Jen Lancaster, I Regret Nothing: A Memoir, New American Library (2015), ISBN 9780698166981, unnumbered page:
  That's when it hits me that Brunswick is a time burglar.
  Specifically, she's stealing my time with her inane questions and now she is my nemesis.