To A Fare-Thee-Well Meaning

(idiomatic) To the greatest extent or to completion; to a state of refinement or perfection.

Example: 1922, F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Jelly-bean," in Tales of the Jazz Age,
  "She's all dolled up to a fare-you-well to-night," continued Clark.
1961, Geoffrey Edsall, "The Future of Immunization," Public Health Reports, vol. 76, no. 9, p. 816,
  It will do little for the future of immunization to prepare excellent vaccines, test them to a fare-thee-well for safety and efficacy, and then not insure that they are adequately used.
2007, Steve Forbes, Fact and Comment: Unindicted Blunderer, Forbes, 17 Sep.,
  Market participants are painfully learning the limits to slicing and dicing mortgages to a fine fare-thee-well.