Verbal Assault Meaning

(US, law) Oral or written speech that creates, or is intended to create, a fear of physical harm.

Example: Often used other than as an idiom: an assault that is verbal.
1998, Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency, "S.B. 313 (S-1), First Analysis: Student Expulsion for Assault", page 2:
  If a pupil enrolled in grade six or above committed a verbal assault at school against school personnel, described above, and the assault were reported to the school board by the victim, the school board or its designee would be required, after affording the required due process, to suspend the pupil from the school district for 10 days. […]
2008, Victoria Laney, testimony to the Florida House Committee on Condominiums & Homeowners Association Governance [1]:
  The only evidence of a verbal assault is the one Mr. Comstock and Mr. Solomon made on me. They made their threatening and intimidating statement to me after I complied with directions Judge Jeff B. Clark gave during the September 17,2007 hearing.
2009, Laingsburg Elementary School, Student Handbook 2009-2010, page 14:
  Any student in grades six or above who commits a verbal assault against any school employee, volunteer, or contractor will be suspended or expelled. […]