Walk On The Wild Side Meaning

(idiomatic) An occasion or incident involving adventurous, risky, or morally questionable behavior.

Example: 1988 March 4, Alasdair Marshall, "World of Films: High Stakes and Low Life," Evening Times (UK) (retrieved 20 June 2013):
  [S]he is drawn inexorably into the shady, but dangerously exciting world of one of her patients, a compulsive gambler. Her walk on the wild side leads her to a low-life gambling den, The House of Games.
2011 Dec. 9, "Shhh...Spy-Worthy Homes for Sale," Forbes (retrieved 20 June 2013):
  Thanks to the likes of James Bond, the trappings of spy-dom have long attracted jealous eyes and vivid imaginations of many who long for a walk on the wild side of espionage.