Well-Padded Meaning

(idiomatic, of a person) Wealthy, well-to-do.

Example: 1921, Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton, The Sisters-In-Law, ch. 2:
  But the majority of its members were very much alive and still well-padded; and, far from being on a pale diet, were deeply appreciative of the famous culinary resources of the chef, and showed it.
1986 April 13, Mimi Sheraton, "In the Gulf: a Robust Cuisine," Time:
  A graduate of the University of Houston's Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, the well-padded Raulston, nicknamed Fat Cook by the rigs' crews, makes these changes subtly and slowly.
1997 March 3, Richard Lacayo et al., "Is Al Gore Too Good at Passing the Hat?," Time:
  It was the fall of 1995, and the Democratic National Committee had a problem. Faced with the cost of its massive early media strategy, it needed a quick $1 million or so. A senior White House official had a solution: get the President to call some well-padded contributors.