Whatever Creams Your Twinkie Meaning

(idiomatic, informal) Do what you will, whatever makes you happy.

Example: 1998: “Gidget”, alt.support.marriage (Google group): Why NOT Get Married?, the 3rd day of November at 9 o’clock a.m.
  I guess the thrill is in the conflict, not in the need to know. Hey, whatever creams your twinkie, Binky.
2001: “Armin Scheans”, rec.motorcycles (Google group): Buell M2 Cyclone vs Honda VTR 1000, the 23rd day of November at 2:53pm
  Of course, you can’t ride a stat sheet and there are more to bikes than just numbers. Get whatever creams your twinkie.
2003: “johnny dupe”, alt.music.pink-floyd (Google group): AMPF Official drunk thresad NPFR, the 25th day of January at 9:10am
  I’m whacked on antidepressants and Diet Coke, and i’m willing to bet my buzz is better.
But whatever creams your twinkie.