Sufi Quotes

Sufism is a mystical form of Islam, a school of thought that emphasizes the esoteric search for God. Sufi saints always teach their followers the wisdom and love of God. All the Sufi quotes comprised of the teachings of finding the one God who has created the universe. People interested in such quotes can find the best collection here

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People experience tassawuf or Sufism known as Sufi almost in every corner of the world. These are the people with wisdom and rational thinking who spend their whole life in the search of the creation of a human being and the relation between God and living beings. An Iranian Sufi saint named Rumi is one of the most renowned personalities whose Sufi quotes are widely liked by everyone. He was the man with vision, who taught his followers in his teaching by delivering sermons, poetries and literature work. We have developed this page for all the people who love or practice Sufism or want to follow the path of Sufis. This page has a variety of Sufi quotes said by the renowned Sufis and the people who practice the ways of Sufism or tassawuf. Check out all the amazing quotes from this page and share them with your close friends and family