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Honorable Management . Hamariweb.
Can you make an Android APK for this great website""" , to watch live Pakistani etc etc Channels on Android too. Because currently we can watch live Pakistani etc etc Channels,only on windows based computer,not on android based tablet/pc.
Thank you.
Mike, Toronto Tuesday, August 15 2017

i love u
ali haider , lahore Tuesday, August 15 2017

CH TASHIF ALI, KARACHI Tuesday, August 15 2017

plz we r requested tu u that quami tarana also recorded from GOVT Z M HIGH SCHOOL 145/9.L SAHIWAL
asif, sahiwal Tuesday, August 15 2017

shahzad iqbal i love you brother, keep on you at true ad right path.
mohammad cheema, fitzgerald Tuesday, August 15 2017

This situation in pakistan completely resembles when Moaveya Ibn abu sufian revolted against Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu Talib Khalifa at the time and the charges were corruption, buying and killing opponents. Using Mal-E-Ghaneemat and trying to bring family rule ( Abul Alla Maudoudi " KHILAFAT O MULUKIAT) Finally MUAVIYA succeeded to throne YAZEED as Ameer ul Momineen and the the Muslim Umma still suffering under the Wrath of Allah Subhanahu wa Talla for killing the family of Prophet Muhammed in KARBALA.i hope the history will not repeat and Nawaz will escape.
Syed Hussain , Toronto Monday, August 14 2017

Good channel
Touseef jutt, Faisalabad Monday, August 14 2017

Salam ik mint.. app peshwar q nahin dekha rahy hain plz show us just now today i hope u will.
T.khan, Uk Monday, August 14 2017

Samaa TV Internet Picture bad Quality
khan, Germany Bonn Sunday, August 13 2017

bad quality picture
Awan, Bonn Germany Sunday, August 13 2017

Doctors had to clean the pml ears that they can hear that your leader did the biggest corruption in this country? Therefore you people are kicked out ?
Masood sheikh, Frankfurt main Trot Sunday, August 13 2017

moazzam ali, new york Saturday, August 12 2017

News channels should be impartial. Now a day's you people are only objecting NS.
f.amin, charsadda Saturday, August 12 2017

LK, TANDO ADAM Friday, August 11 2017

Not votes, but voters are squashed today under tyres of your voters Nawaz Sharif
M A Patel, Karachi, Pakistan Friday, August 11 2017

Can anyone believe this were the following for former Prime Minister of the country that killed an innocent child while following him? Guaranteed following of a killer obviously
Mohammad Awais Patel, London, United Kingdom Friday, August 11 2017

Bhai Mera regards nahi aaya h
sharyar, karachi Friday, August 11 2017

weak signals

Name, Islamabad Friday, August 11 2017

Boss sorry to say all are Chester liver and playing with public coz nothing will happen in Pakistan only roads highways and buses but what about poor people food water and electricity have you ever seen any ministry sleeps in poor people house no coz they like commission and they don't think about public only think there self as this call selfish and believe me they will see hel inshallah not heaven
Ricky , Uk Friday, August 11 2017

you can not have political machines and end corruption.. Political Machines breed corruption just like garbage breeds flies.
Masood Jehangiri, Sydney Friday, August 11 2017

The duty of youth is to challenge corruption
Masood Jehangiri, Sydney Friday, August 11 2017

The world will not be destroyed by thise whi do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything..
Masood Jehangiri, Sydney Friday, August 11 2017

I live samaa
nadeem, kot adu Friday, August 11 2017

SAMAA VIEWERS, SAMU Friday, August 11 2017

ya sub baaty he batty hn ...i heart this talk...
syeda sumaira zareen, karachi Thursday, August 10 2017

i love samaa tv . because it news are vry intrusting...and i like it very much,,.
syeda sumaira zareen, karachi Thursday, August 10 2017

No doubt that Mian Sahib is more dangerous out of power than in power and probably it's going to lead to judicial Martial law as Javaid Hashmii has pointed out. Outcome then must be to put all those politicians, Generals, Bureaucrats and even judges who borrowed money from banks and that money is written off and they are still having luxury life and all those whose name is in offshore companies and even those ones who have bought luxury houses in middle east. They must be anserable to their source of income then trialed. In other words a ruthless "Ehtsaab" is must for every one involved in power. This is the only way to get rid of present crisis otherwise half " teetar half battair" is not acceptable to the nation. Once "Ehtsaab" for all not for just one family and off course just "AQAMA" for dismissal is not enough. In Islamic Pakistan we must stop the rat and mouse game of YOU , We and THEM. It must be for all or for none. There is no place and should not be for a sacred cow in our motherland
Ibrahim Janjuarajput, Stockholm Thursday, August 10 2017

peoples knows samaa is unfear TV because mostly against to the elected government. They was silent in pp government time. Pakistan would remain for ever but enemies should in hill. God bless to Pakistan
Manzoor hussain, Faisalabad Thursday, August 10 2017

MR. Javiad Qazi Sb Agar aap Nafrat ki Anak utar kar dekhan TV pa bhat kar Bakwas na karan
Abdul Saboor Khan, Lahore Thursday, August 10 2017

What nonsense, is he a prime miniister or leader, a illitrate person, addressing the people at around 1.00 am ?
Faruk, Bahrain Thursday, August 10 2017

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