PCB rejects FICA report, says international players willing to play in Lahore 11 Jan, 2017
KARACHI: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Tuesday rejected the report issued by Federation of International Cricketers Association (FICA) that questioned Pakistans security arrangements in the upcoming PSL final to be held in Lahore."FICA has done great disservice to the cause of cricket in general and Pakistan cricket in particular by advising players not to play in the PSL Final in Lahore next March because of 'security reasons,'" reads PCB media statement.Earlier, FICA has stated in its report that the risk level in Pakistan remains "at an extremely elevated state," citing unnamed "expert Security Consultants" for "updated security advice.""This is a careless and cavalier approach to an issue of great importance. FICA sits thousands of miles away from Pakistan and cannot name even one credible security expert, yet makes a sweeping negative statement about the security situation in Lahore," stated PCB "FICAs claim that "westerners and luxury hotels have been attached" is contrary to the facts on the ground that prove that not a single foreigner or hotel has been attached in Lahore in the last five years."The cricketing board further rejected FICAs claim that "targeted attacks" are predicted to continue in Lahore, adding that PCB has successfully hosted a number of international teams recently in Lahore and Karachi. PCB said that the governemnt will provide "3000 army and police personnel in Lahore" for protection, along with "armored buses for travel along with VVIP security protocols.The PCB revealed that it "has already received confirmation from top international players to play in Lahore and PCB is determined to bring cricket home to Pakistan."Copyright Business Recorder, 2017

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