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أبريق،+القاذف MEANING IN URDU

Roman Urdu اردو العربية
Mati Ki Sorahi, Ghara, Jahjhar مٹی کی صراحی٬ گھڑا٬ جھجر أبريق، القاذف

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Arabic to Urdu Dictionary – Urdu and Arabic languages have a lot of common vocabulary. Urdu is a Turkish word that means ‘Army’. Urdu language is one of those unique world popular languages which can easily take in words from different languages without sounding indifferent.

Urdu language has many words, and phrases from different languages including Arabic, Persian, Sindhi, Sanskrit, Turkish, and English. Many words from Arabic origin are used in spoken Urdu. Even if they don’t sound like Arabic as they are merged well in Urdu. Written Urdu also uses the same script as Arabic.

Urdu and Arabic languages have a lot in common in terms of vocabulary and dictionary. Most of the Urdu words which most of us use on daily basis are derived from Arabic language. Urdu vocabulary is derived from Arabic, Persian, Hindi, and Sanskrit.

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