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Main ne ap se arebic language sekhni hai

Shahzad , Alreaz Wed 21 Sep, 2016

plz hame mihirma ka matlb batae

khezar , peshawar Wed 21 Sep, 2016

Plz mujhe koi es word ka mtlb bata de ye ek arbi lafz h mazw es ka matlb. Bata dijiye I really need it help me

Samim , Amravati Sat 10 Sep, 2016

Bhai Jan muje khalaqtani ka meanings chaiye pl

zaheer , Rawalpindi Mon 05 Sep, 2016

Khubab ka Urdu mean Kia hy ?

Ahmad , Lahore Sun 04 Sep, 2016

i could not find the meaning of my arabik word saqar.

parvez. , karachi. Thu 01 Sep, 2016

Urdu to Arabic translations has been made easy by this online dictionary. I just cant tell you how much excited I am to learn Arabic, and this page is pretty helpful in this regard.

Tazeen , Karachi Wed 31 Aug, 2016

There is an electronic Arabic keyboard available that can help you to convert Urdu - Arabic and Arabic - Urdu information or lines. I have to learn using this keyboard first.

Tanya , Lahore Thu 25 Aug, 2016

تقویض کا کوئی مطلب بتا دے

Mirza usman , sialkot Sat 20 Aug, 2016

احمد على حب طلحه
Ahmad ala hub talha.
Please koi is ka urdu tarjama bata den

Ahmadhassan , Karachi Thu 28 Jul, 2016

Arabic to Urdu and Urdu to Arabic Dictionary - Urdu and Arabic have a lot in common in terms of vocabulary and dictionary. Most of the words we use on daily basis are derived from Arabic language. Urdu is derived from vocabulary from Arabic, Persian, Hindi, and Sanskrit.

HamariWeb brings you an exclusive dictionary that can accommodate bi languages. There are more than 90000 Arabic Urdu words in the online dictionary available. You can find the relevant meaning and translations of various Urdu or Arabic words online which is accessible within a fraction of time. Urdu Arabic dictionary helps you to translate and comprehend the meaning of the difficult words of both languages. You can also search Urdu to Arabic by using Urdu keyboard given at page. If you are unable to find your desired word's meaning then you can suggest us, and we will add it to our dictionary.