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    Jamaa karnaa
    Meezan karna
    جمع کرنا
    میزان کرنا

    Synonyms & Definition

    • Aggregate

    1. (v. t.) To bring together; to collect into a mass or sum. "The aggregated soil."
    2. (v. t.) To add or unite, as, a person, to an association.
    3. (a.) Having the several component parts adherent to each other only to such a degree as to be separable by mechanical means.
    4. (a.) Composed of several florets within a common involucre, as in the daisy; or of several carpels formed from one flower, as in the raspberry.
    5. (a.) Formed by a collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum; collective.
    6. (a.) Formed into clusters or groups of lobules; as, aggregate glands.
    7. (v. t.) To amount in the aggregate to; as, ten loads, aggregating five hundred bushels.
    8. (a.) United into a common organized mass; -- said of certain compound animals.
    9. (n.) A mass, assemblage, or sum of particulars; as, a house is an aggregate of stone, brick, timber, etc.
    10. (n.) A mass formed by the union of homogeneous particles; -- in distinction from a compound, formed by the union of heterogeneous particles.
    Aggregative, Combine, Congeries, Conglomeration, Mass, Sum, Total, Totality,

    • Aggregately

    1. (adv.) Collectively; in mass.

    • Aggregated

    1. (imp. & p. p.) of Aggregate

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    plzz tell all word meaning with meaning

    mahnoor , abu dhabi Sat 14 Jul, 2018

    very informative

    osama , khi Sat 14 Jul, 2018

    this is the best English to Urdu dictionary i have ever use online, keep this good works continue..

    Rabab Akther , Sukkar Fri 13 Jul, 2018

    mujhy English bolna bht pasand hy but mujhy thori bht ati hy mn chati hn mujhy full English bolna a jaey pls help me

    Minsa heer , dgk Wed 11 Jul, 2018

    Warning to Pmln trolls. Don’t push me. I hav been v civilised n havnt opened my mouth yet. Won’t b pretty if I do. Despite all of what I hav suffered.

    aabdul basit , jizan Tue 10 Jul, 2018

    70% of the words are wrongly translated at this website.. true learner should be careful before swoting the meanings...

    Sufyan Naeem , kharian Sat 07 Jul, 2018

    I think we wants both of tehm

    Kazim , Multan Thu 05 Jul, 2018

    Mujhe Bhi English Seekhni Hai

    Rehman Ali , Karachi Tue 03 Jul, 2018

    good and sweet

    dfxs , lhr Mon 02 Jul, 2018

    hello every one ilove english and actully ihave learn it from karachi but iwant to get more about english for this i m learning over hear

    tosheen francis , rawalpindi Sat 30 Jun, 2018

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