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Translating any English word or phrase into Arabic is possible from this page. I am all thankful to the owners of this page for accessing me the dedicated service of translation.

Qasim , Lahore Wed 24 Aug, 2016

To understand the Arabic term

mufrique , philppines Sun 24 Apr, 2016

Hello I am staying Dharmik language means founded a bunch of languages on saying more time Common is my desk what is this European arms from learning Arabic language That are below the verses a good graduation more than more times has some other common Livermore the possibility for my father this through this is all true can you talk and useful And more

yousufalikhan , karachi Thu 07 Jan, 2016

meaning of Arlene name in arabic

rizvi abbas asif , delhi Sun 20 Dec, 2015

i want to speak arabic like my language

SANI YAKUBU , lagos Thu 17 Dec, 2015

Kindly tell me the meaning of '' khamsuu'' and "Mankhamsuu"

Ansara , Karachi Wed 16 Dec, 2015

Arabic meaning

Taimiyyah , Rawalpindi Tue 01 Dec, 2015

Gaiety meaning and personality connection

gaiety , delhi Sat 14 Nov, 2015

How would you write Rodriguez in Arabic?

ricky , Las Cruces N.M Mon 09 Nov, 2015

Kindly tell me the meaning if 'irha' arabic

hira , lahore Sun 13 Sep, 2015

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