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Cons Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


 توجہ سے دیکھنا ٬ ملاحظہ کرنا ٬ مطالعہ کرنا
imaan, zameer  ایمان٬ ضمیر
aagaah  آگاہ
Shaor  شعور
Raza Mandi  رضامندی
sabab, Nateeja, Anjam  سبب٬ نتیجہ٬ انجام
nateejay mein, Asar K Tor Par, K Bad  نتیجے میں٬ اثر کے طور پر٬ کے بعد
lahaazaa  لہذا
Hifazat  حفاظت
tawajjo dayna, ghor karnaa  توجہ دینا٬ غور کرنا

Definition & Synonyms

• Con

  1. (adv.) Against the affirmative side; in opposition; on the negative side; -- The antithesis of pro, and usually in connection with it. See Pro.
  2. (v. t.) To know; to understand; to acknowledge.
  3. (v. t.) To study in order to know; to peruse; to learn; to commit to memory; to regard studiously.
  4. (v. t.) To conduct, or superintend the steering of (a vessel); to watch the course of (a vessel) and direct the helmsman how to steer.

Bunko, Convict, Defraud, Diddle, Flimflam, Gyp, Hustle, Inmate, Learn, Memorize, Mulct, Rook, Sting, Swindle, Victimize,

• Consanguineal

  1. (a.) Of the same blood; related by birth.

• Consanguined

  1. (a.) Of kin blood; related.

• Consanguineous

  1. (a.) Of the same blood; related by birth; descended from the same parent or ancestor.

Akin, Cognate, Kin,

• Consanguinity

  1. (n.) The relation of persons by blood, in distinction from affinity or relation by marriage; blood relationship; as, lineal consanguinity; collateral consanguinity.


• Consarcination

  1. (n.) A patching together; patchwork.

• Conscience

  1. (n.) The estimate or determination of conscience; conviction or right or duty.
  2. (n.) Tenderness of feeling; pity.
  3. (n.) The faculty, power, or inward principle which decides as to the character of ones own actions, purposes, and affections, warning against and condemning that which is wrong, and approving and prompting to that which is right; the moral faculty passing judgment on ones self; the moral sense.
  4. (n.) Knowledge of ones own thoughts or actions; consciousness.

• Conscienced

  1. (a.) Having a conscience.

• Conscienceless

  1. (a.) Without conscience; indifferent to conscience; unscrupulous.


• Conscient

  1. (a.) Conscious.