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You have searched the English word "Faith" meaning in Urdu "یقین" yaqeen. Faith meaning has been search 33517 (thirty-three thousand five hundred and seventeen) times till 11/23/2014. You can also find Faith meaning and Translation in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French and other languages.

Faith Meaning in Urdu

English to Urdu Dictionary Urdu to English Dictionary

English Roman Urdu اردو
yaqeen یقین
Emandar ایماندار

Definition & Synonyms
• Faith
  1. (n.) Credibility or truth.
  2. (n.) The belief in the facts and truth of the Scriptures, with a practical love of them; especially, that confiding and affectionate belief in the person and work of Christ, which affects the character and life, and makes a man a true Christian, -- called a practical, evangelical, or saving faith.
  3. (n.) Fidelity to ones promises, or allegiance to duty, or to a person honored and beloved; loyalty.
  4. (n.) Belief; the assent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another, resting solely and implicitly on his authority and veracity; reliance on testimony.
  5. (interj.) By my faith; in truth; verily.
  6. (n.) The belief in the historic truthfulness of the Scripture narrative, and the supernatural origin of its teachings, sometimes called historical and speculative faith.
  7. (n.) The assent of the mind to the statement or proposition of another, on the ground of the manifest truth of what he utters; firm and earnest belief, on probable evidence of any kind, especially in regard to important moral truth.
  8. (n.) Word or honor pledged; promise given; fidelity; as, he violated his faith.
  9. (n.) That which is believed on any subject, whether in science, politics, or religion; especially (Theol.), a system of religious belief of any kind; as, the Jewish or Mohammedan faith; and especially, the system of truth taught by Christ; as, the Christian faith; also, the creed or belief of a Christian society or church.

Religion, Trust,
• Faithless
  1. (a.) Not observant of promises or covenants.
  2. (a.) Serving to disappoint or deceive; delusive; unsatisfying.
  3. (a.) Not true to allegiance, duty, or vows; perfidious; trecherous; disloyal; not of true fidelity; inconstant, as a husband or a wife.
  4. (a.) Not believing; not giving credit.
  5. (a.) Not believing on God or religion; specifically, not believing in the Christian religion.

Traitorous, Unfaithful,
• Faithed
  1. (a.) Having faith or a faith; honest; sincere.

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