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Definition & Synonyms

• Gastrulae

  1. (pl. ) of Gastrula

• Gastrulation

  1. (n.) The process of invagination, in embryonic development, by which a gastrula is formed.

• Gastrula

  1. (a.) Of or pertaining to a gastrula.
  2. (n.) An embryonic form having its origin in the invagination or pushing in of the wall of the planula or blastula (the blastosphere) on one side, thus giving rise to a double-walled sac, with one opening or mouth (the blastopore) which leads into the cavity (the archenteron) lined by the inner wall (the hypoblast). See Illust. under Invagination. In a more general sense, an ideal stage in embryonic development. See Gastraea.