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Horror Meaning in Hindi

 English Hindi Roman
Horror अत्यंत भय ,अत्यंत घृणा atyant bhay , atyant bhay

Definition & Synonyms

• Horror

  1. (n.) A painful emotion of fear, dread, and abhorrence; a shuddering with terror and detestation; the feeling inspired by something frightful and shocking.
  2. (n.) That which excites horror or dread, or is horrible; gloom; dreariness.
  3. (n.) A shaking, shivering, or shuddering, as in the cold fit which precedes a fever; in old medical writings, a chill of less severity than a rigor, and more marked than an algor.
  4. (n.) A bristling up; a rising into roughness; tumultuous movement.

Repugnance, Repulsion, Revulsion,