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Hu Meaning in Arabic

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Hub    المحور
Hubbard    هوبارد
Hubbell    هوبيل
Hubbies    الأزواج
Hubble    هبل
Hubbub    الضجيج
Hubby    الزوج
Hubcap    غطاء إطار السيارة
Huber    هوبير
Hubert    هيوبرت

Definition & Synonyms

• Hubbub

  1. (v. i.) A loud noise of many confused voices; a tumult; uproar.


• Huckaback

  1. (n.) A kind of linen cloth with raised figures, used for towelings.


• Huffed

  1. (imp. & p. p.) of Huff

• Hullo

  1. (interj.) See Hollo.

Hello, Howdy,

• Humanness

  1. (n.) The quality or state of being human.


• Humblebee

  1. (n.) The bumblebee.


• Hunting

  1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Hunt
  2. (n.) The pursuit of game or of wild animals.

Hunt, Search,

• Huron-Iroquous

  1. (n.) A linguistic group of warlike North American Indians, belonging to the same stock as the Algonquins, and including several tribes, among which were the Five Nations. They formerly occupied the region about Lakes Erie and Ontario, and the larger part of New York.

• Huarachos

  1. (pl. ) of Huaracho

• Huck

  1. (v. i.) To higgle in trading.


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