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You have searched the English word "Level" meaning in Urdu "منہدم کرنا" munhadim karna. Level meaning has been search 14311 (fourteen thousand three hundred and eleven) times till 3/30/2015. You can also find Level meaning and Translation in Urdu, Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, French and other languages.

Level Meaning in Urdu

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English Roman Urdu اردو
munhadim karna, sataah, hamwaar منہدم کرنا٬ سطح٬ ہموار
Mustah Karne Wala مسطح کرنے والا
Definition & Synonyms
• Level
  1. () Well balanced; even; just; steady; impartial; as, a level head; a level understanding. [Colloq.]
  2. (a.) Of even tone; without rising or falling inflection.
  3. (n.) Hence, figuratively, a certain position, rank, standard, degree, quality, character, etc., conceived of as in one of several planes of different elevation.
  4. (a.) Even with anything else; of the same height; on the same line or plane; on the same footing; of equal importance; -- followed by with, sometimes by to.
  5. (a.) Even; flat; having no part higher than another; having, or conforming to, the curvature which belongs to the undisturbed liquid parts of the earths surface; as, a level field; level ground; the level surface of a pond or lake.
  6. (a.) Coinciding or parallel with the plane of the horizon; horizontal; as, the telescope is now level.
  7. (v. t.) To make level; to make horizontal; to bring to the condition of a level line or surface; hence, to make flat or even; as, to level a road, a walk, or a garden.
  8. (n.) A line or surface to which, at every point, a vertical or plumb line is perpendicular; a line or surface which is everywhere parallel to the surface of still water; -- this is the true level, and is a curve or surface in which all points are equally distant from the center of the earth, or rather would be so if the earth were an exact sphere.
  9. (v. i.) To be level; to be on a level with, or on an equality with, something; hence, to accord; to agree; to suit.
  10. (v. t.) To bring to a horizontal position, as a gun; hence, to point in taking aim; to aim; to direct.
  11. (v. t.) Figuratively, to bring to a common level or plane, in respect of rank, condition, character, privilege, etc.; as, to level all the ranks and conditions of men.
  12. (n.) A horizontal passage, drift, or adit, in a mine.
  13. (v. t.) To bring to a lower level; to overthrow; to topple down; to reduce to a flat surface; to lower.
  14. (n.) A measurement of the difference of altitude of two points, by means of a level; as, to take a level.
  15. (a.) Straightforward; direct; clear; open.
  16. (n.) A horizontal line or plane; that is, a straight line or a plane which is tangent to a true level at a given point and hence parallel to the horizon at that point; -- this is the apparent level at the given point.
  17. (n.) An approximately horizontal line or surface at a certain degree of altitude, or distance from the center of the earth; as, to climb from the level of the coast to the level of the plateau and then descend to the level of the valley or of the sea.
  18. (n.) A uniform or average height; a normal plane or altitude; a condition conformable to natural law or which will secure a level surface; as, moving fluids seek a level.
  19. (n.) An instrument by which to find a horizontal line, or adjust something with reference to a horizontal line.
  20. (v. i.) To aim a gun, spear, etc., horizontally; hence, to aim or point a weapon in direct line with the mark; fig., to direct the eye, mind, or effort, directly to an object.
  21. (v. t.) To adjust or adapt to a certain level; as, to level remarks to the capacity of children.

Charge, Degree, Dismantle, Even, Flat, Floor, Grade, Layer, Plane, Point, Rase, Raze, Stage, Storey, Story, Stratum, Tier,
• Leveled
  1. (imp. & p. p.) of Level

• Leveling
  1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Level
  2. (n.) The act or operation of making level.
  3. (n.) The art or operation of using a leveling instrument for finding a horizontal line, for ascertaining the differences of level between different points of the earths surface included in a survey, for establishing grades, etc., as in finding the descent of a river, or locating a line of railroad.

Demolishing, Equalization, Grading, Razing,
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