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Mal Meaning in Arabic

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Definition & Synonyms

• Malady

  1. (n.) A moral or mental defect or disorder.
  2. (n.) Any disease of the human body; a distemper, disorder, or indisposition, proceeding from impaired, defective, or morbid organic functions; especially, a lingering or deep-seated disorder.

Illness, Sickness, Unwellness,

• Malate

  1. (n.) A salt of malic acid.

• Maleficence

  1. (n.) Evil doing, esp. to others.

Balefulness, Mischief,

• Malignant

  1. (n.) A man of extrems enmity or evil intentions.
  2. (a.) Tending to produce death; threatening a fatal issue; virulent; as, malignant diphtheria.
  3. (a.) Disposed to do harm, inflict suffering, or cause distress; actuated by extreme malevolence or enmity; virulently inimical; bent on evil; malicious.
  4. (a.) Characterized or caused by evil intentions; pernicious.
  5. (n.) One of the adherents of Charles L. or Charles LL.; -- so called by the opposite party.


• Malignified

  1. (imp. & p. p.) of Malignify

• Malingerer

  1. (n.) In the army, a soldier who feigns himself sick, or who induces or protracts an illness, in order to avoid doing his duty; hence, in general, one who shirks his duty by pretending illness or inability.

Shammer, Skulker,

• Mallard

  1. (a.) A drake; the male of Anas boschas.
  2. (a.) A large wild duck (Anas boschas) inhabiting both America and Europe. The domestic duck has descended from this species. Called also greenhead.

• Malleability

  1. (n.) The quality or state of being malleable; -- opposed to friability and brittleness.


• Malleated

  1. (imp. & p. p.) of Malleate

• Maltreating

  1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Maltreat