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Pitta Meaning in Urdu

Roman Urdu


Rozeena  روزینہ

Definition & Synonyms

• Pitta

  1. (n.) Any one of a large group of bright-colored clamatorial birds belonging to Pitta, and allied genera of the family Pittidae. Most of the species are varied with three or more colors, such as blue, green, crimson, yellow, purple, and black. They are called also ground thrushes, and Old World ant thrushes; but they are not related to the true thrushes.

• Pittance

  1. (n.) An allowance of food bestowed in charity; a mess of victuals; hence, a small charity gift; a dole.
  2. (n.) A meager portion, quantity, or allowance; an inconsiderable salary or compensation.

• Pittacal

  1. (n.) A dark blue substance obtained from wood tar. It consists of hydrocarbons which when oxidized form the orange-yellow eupittonic compounds, the salts of which are dark blue.