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Point blank  
Bilkul Seedha
بالکل سیدھا
Saaf Saaf
صاف صاف
Tanz Amaizi
طنز آمیزی
Ishara Karne Wala
اشارہ کرنے والا
Nuqtay Lagana
نقطے لگانا
Bay Nook
بے نوک
Kund Hona
کند ہونا

point Synonyms & Definition

• Point

  1. (n.) The perpendicular rising of a hawk over the place where its prey has gone into cover.
  2. (n.) Act of pointing, as of the foot downward in certain dance positions.
  3. (n.) The position of the pitcher and catcher.
  4. (n.) In various games, a position of a certain player, or, by extension, the player himself;
  5. (n.) One of the raised dots used in certain systems of printing and writing for the blind. The first practical system was that devised by Louis Braille in 1829, and still used in Europe (see Braille). Two modifications of this are current in the United States: New York point founded on three bases of equidistant points arranged in two lines (viz., : :: :::), and a later improvement, American Braille, embodying the Braille base (:::) and the New-York-point principle of using the characters of few points for the commonest letters.
  6. (n.) The position of the player of each side who stands a short distance in front of the goal keeper; also, the player himself.
  7. (n.) A pointed piece of quill or bone covered at one end with vaccine matter; -- called also vaccine point.
  8. (n.) A spot to which a straight run is made; hence, a straight run from point to point; a cross-country run.
  9. (n.) One of the points of the compass (see Points of the compass, below); also, the difference between two points of the compass; as, to fall off a point.
  10. (n.) To indicate or discover by a fixed look, as game.
  11. (n.) Hence, the most prominent or important feature, as of an argument, discourse, etc.; the essential matter; esp., the proposition to be established; as, the point of an anecdote.
  12. (n.) A tyne or snag of an antler.
  13. (v. t. & i.) To appoint.
  14. (n.) Whatever serves to mark progress, rank, or relative position, or to indicate a transition from one state or position to another, degree; step; stage; hence, position or condition attained; as, a point of elevation, or of depression; the stock fell off five points; he won by tenpoints.
  15. (n.) A a string or lace used to tie together certain parts of the dress.
  16. (n.) To mark (as Hebrew) with vowel points.
  17. (v. i.) To indicate the presence of game by fixed and steady look, as certain hunting dogs do.
  18. (n.) A dot or mark used to designate certain tones or time
  19. (n.) A dot or mark distinguishing or characterizing certain tones or styles; as, points of perfection, of augmentation, etc.; hence, a note; a tune.
  20. (n.) To fill up and finish the joints of (a wall), by introducing additional cement or mortar, and bringing it to a smooth surface.
  21. (n.) A switch.
  22. (n.) A mark of punctuation; a character used to mark the divisions of a composition, or the pauses to be observed in reading, or to point off groups of figures, etc.; a stop, as a comma, a semicolon, and esp. a period; hence, figuratively, an end, or conclusion.
  23. (n.) A movement executed with the saber or foil; as, tierce point.
  24. (n.) A fielder who is stationed on the off side, about twelve or fifteen yards from, and a little in advance of, the batsman.
  25. (v. i.) To approximate to the surface; to head; -- said of an abscess.
  26. (n.) That which arrests attention, or indicates qualities or character; a salient feature; a characteristic; a peculiarity; hence, a particular; an item; a detail; as, the good or bad points of a man, a horse, a book, a story, etc.
  27. (n.) An instrument which pricks or pierces, as a sort of needle used by engravers, etchers, lace workers, and others; also, a pointed cutting tool, as a stone cutters point; -- called also pointer.
  28. (n.) To give a point to; to sharpen; to cut, forge, grind, or file to an acute end; as, to point a dart, or a pencil. Used also figuratively; as, to point a moral.
  29. (n.) An indefinitely small space; a mere spot indicated or supposed. Specifically: (Geom.) That which has neither parts nor magnitude; that which has position, but has neither length, breadth, nor thickness, -- sometimes conceived of as the limit of a line; that by the motion of which a line is conceived to be produced.
  30. (n.) One of the spaces on a backgammon board.
  31. (n.) Lace wrought the needle; as, point de Venise; Brussels point. See Point lace, below.
  32. (n.) One of the several different parts of the escutcheon. See Escutcheon.
  33. (n.) Anything which tapers to a sharp, well-defined termination. Specifically: A small promontory or cape; a tract of land extending into the water beyond the common shore line.
  34. (n.) To supply with punctuation marks; to punctuate; as, to point a composition.
  35. (n.) An item of private information; a hint; a tip; a pointer.
  36. (v. i.) To direct the point of something, as of a finger, for the purpose of designating an object, and attracting attention to it; -- with at.
  37. (n.) A fixed conventional place for reference, or zero of reckoning, in the heavens, usually the intersection of two or more great circles of the sphere, and named specifically in each case according to the position intended; as, the equinoctial points; the solstitial points; the nodal points; vertical points, etc. See Equinoctial Nodal.
  38. (n.) An indivisible portion of time; a moment; an instant; hence, the verge.
  39. (n.) A short piece of cordage used in reefing sails. See Reef point, under Reef.
  40. (n.) A dot placed at the right hand of a note, to raise its value, or prolong its time, by one half, as to make a whole note equal to three half notes, a half note equal to three quarter notes.
  41. (n.) To direct toward an abject; to aim; as, to point a gun at a wolf, or a cannon at a fort.
  42. (n.) Hence, to direct the attention or notice of.
  43. (n.) A standard unit of measure for the size of type bodies, being one twelfth of the thickness of pica type. See Point system of type, under Type.
  44. (n.) The mark made by the end of a sharp, piercing instrument, as a needle; a prick.
  45. (n.) That which pricks or pierces; the sharp end of anything, esp. the sharp end of a piercing instrument, as a needle or a pin.
  46. (n.) To give particular prominence to; to designate in a special manner; to indicate, as if by pointing; as, the error was pointed out.
  47. (n.) The attitude assumed by a pointer dog when he finds game; as, the dog came to a point. See Pointer.
  48. (n.) A small matter; a trifle; a least consideration; a punctilio.
  49. (n.) To cut, as a surface, with a pointed tool.
Aim, Bespeak, Betoken, Charge, Degree, Detail, Direct, Dot, Guide, Head, Indicate, Item, Level, Luff, Maneuver, Manoeuvre, Orient, Peak, Period, Place, Sharpen, Show, Signal, Spot, Stage, Steer, Stop, Taper, Target, Tip,

• Point-blank

  1. (n.) The white spot on a target, at which an arrow or other missile is aimed.
  2. (a.) Hence, direct; plain; unqualified; -- said of language; as, a point-blank assertion.
  3. (n.) With artillery, the point where the projectile first strikes the horizontal plane on which the gun stands, the axis of the piece being horizontal.
  4. (adv.) In a point-blank manner.
  5. (a.) Directed in a line toward the object aimed at; aimed directly toward the mark.
  6. (n.) With all small arms, the second point in which the natural line of sight, when horizontal, cuts the trajectory.
Blunt, Candid, Forthright, Frank, Free-spoken, Outspoken,

• Point dappui

  1. () See under Appui.

• Pointal

  1. (n.) The pistil of a plant.
  2. (n.) See Poyntel.
  3. (n.) A kind of pencil or style used with the tablets of the Middle Ages.

• Point-devise

  1. (a.) Uncommonly nice and exact; precise; particular.
  2. (adv.) Exactly.

• Pointlessly

  1. (adv.) Without point.

• Pointrel

  1. (n.) A graving tool.

• Pointsman

  1. (n.) A man who has charge of railroad points or switches.

• Pointing

  1. (n.) The act or art of punctuating; punctuation.
  2. (n.) The act of designating, as a position or direction, by means of something pointed, as a finger or a rod.
  3. (n.) The rubbing off of the point of the wheat grain in the first process of high milling.
  4. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Point
  5. (n.) The act or process of measuring, at the various distances from the surface of a block of marble, the surface of a future piece of statuary; also, a process used in cutting the statue from the artists model.
  6. (n.) The act of filling and finishing the joints in masonry with mortar, cement, etc.; also, the material so used.
  7. (n.) The act of sharpening.

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