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 English Hindi Roman
Police पुलिस ,आरक्षी ,नगर-पाल pulis , pulis , nagar-pal
Police Court नगर की अदालत nagar ki adalat
Police Station थाना ,चौकी thana , thana

Definition & Synonyms

• Police

  1. (n.) The organized body of civil officers in a city, town, or district, whose particular duties are the preservation of good order, the prevention and detection of crime, and the enforcement of the laws.
  2. (v. t.) To make clean; as, to police a camp.
  3. (n.) A judicial and executive system, for the government of a city, town, or district, for the preservation of rights, order, cleanliness, health, etc., and for the enforcement of the laws and prevention of crime; the administration of the laws and regulations of a city, incorporated town, or borough.
  4. (n.) That which concerns the order of the community; the internal regulation of a state.
  5. (n.) Military police, the body of soldiers detailed to preserve civil order and attend to sanitary arrangements in a camp or garrison.
  6. (n.) The cleaning of a camp or garrison, or the state / a camp as to cleanliness.
  7. (v. t.) To keep in order by police.

Constabulary, Law, Patrol,

• Police power

  1. () The inherent power of a government to regulate its police affairs.