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Pretence التظاهر
Pretences التظاهرات
Pretend مزعوم
Pretended مدعى
Pretendedly تظاهريا
Pretender المدعي
Pretenders المدعون
Pretending الإدعاء
Pretends يدعي
Pretense قبل الزمن

Definition & Synonyms

• Pretense

  1. (n.) Alt. of Pretence

Dissembling, Feigning, Guise, Make-believe, Pretence, Pretending, Pretension, Pretext, Simulation,

• Preterlegal

  1. (a.) Exceeding the limits of law.

• Preterient

  1. (a.) Passed through; antecedent; previous; as, preterient states.

• Pretext

  1. (n.) Ostensible reason or motive assigned or assumed as a color or cover for the real reason or motive; pretense; disguise.

Guise, Pretence, Pretense, Stalking-horse,

• Pretorium

  1. (n.) The official residence of a governor of a province; hence, a place; a splendid country seat.
  2. (n.) The generals tent in a Roman camp; hence, a council of war, because held in the generals tent.


• Pretenceless

  1. (a.) See Pretense, Pretenseful, Pretenseless.

• Pretendership

  1. (n.) The character, right, or claim of a pretender.

• Pretertiary

  1. (a.) Earlier than Tertiary.

• Pretexture

  1. (n.) A pretext.

• Pretender

  1. (n.) One who pretends, simulates, or feigns.
  2. (n.) The pretender (Eng. Hist.), the son or the grandson of James II., the heir of the royal family of Stuart, who laid claim to the throne of Great Britain, from which the house was excluded by law.
  3. (n.) One who lays claim, or asserts a title (to something); a claimant.

Dissembler, Fake, Faker, Fraud, Hypocrite, Impostor, Sham, Shammer,