Roman Urdu


Chakar dana
چکر دینا
Bay Parwahi Say Ghomna
بے پرواہی سے گھومنا
rolnay wala
sarak ka ruler
رولنے والا
سڑک کا رولر
rolnay wala
sarak ka ruler
رولنے والا
سڑک کا رولر
p_hiie daar
phaiyon wala
jiss ke pahiye hon
پہیّے دار
پہیّوں والا
جِس کے پہیے ہوں
gardindah tor par
ghumte hue
madoor tor par
گردندہ طور پر
گھومتے ہوئے
مدوّر طور پر
lapeta sun-hwa
lipta howa
لپیٹا ہوا
لپٹا ہوا
udham machana
khar masti karna
rang ralian manana
اودھم مچانا
خر مستی کرنا
رنگ رلیاں منانا
udham machana
khar masti karna
rang ralian manana
اودھم مچانا
خر مستی کرنا
رنگ رلیاں منانا

roll Synonyms & Definition

• Roll

  1. (v. i.) To be wound or formed into a cylinder or ball; as, the cloth rolls unevenly; the snow rolls well.
  2. (v.) A kind of shortened raised biscuit or bread, often rolled or doubled upon itself.
  3. (n.) To move, or cause to be moved, upon, or by means of, rollers or small wheels.
  4. (v.) That which rolls; a roller.
  5. (v. i.) To move on wheels; as, the carriage rolls along the street.
  6. (v. i.) To incline first to one side, then to the other; to rock; as, there is a great difference in ships about rolling; in a general semse, to be tossed about.
  7. (n.) To drive or impel forward with an easy motion, as of rolling; as, a river rolls its waters to the ocean.
  8. (v.) A cylindrical twist of tobacco.
  9. (v. i.) To move, as waves or billows, with alternate swell and depression.
  10. (n.) To beat with rapid, continuous strokes, as a drum; to sound a roll upon.
  11. (n.) To utter copiously, esp. with sounding words; to utter with a deep sound; -- often with forth, or out; as, to roll forth some ones praises; to roll out sentences.
  12. (v. i.) To spread under a roller or rolling-pin; as, the paste rolls well.
  13. (v.) A heavy, reverberatory sound; as, the roll of cannon, or of thunder.
  14. (v.) A quantity of cloth wound into a cylindrical form; as, a roll of carpeting; a roll of ribbon.
  15. (v. i.) To turn over, or from side to side, while lying down; to wallow; as, a horse rolls.
  16. (v. i.) To move, as a curved object may, along a surface by rotation without sliding; to revolve upon an axis; to turn over and over; as, a ball or wheel rolls on the earth; a body rolls on an inclined plane.
  17. (v. i.) To fall or tumble; -- with over; as, a stream rolls over a precipice.
  18. (v.) The uniform beating of a drum with strokes so rapid as scarcely to be distinguished by the ear.
  19. (n.) To cause to revolve by turning over and over; to move by turning on an axis; to impel forward by causing to turn over and over on a supporting surface; as, to roll a wheel, a ball, or a barrel.
  20. (v.) Hence, an official or public document; a register; a record; also, a catalogue; a list.
  21. (n.) To bind or involve by winding, as in a bandage; to inwrap; -- often with up; as, to roll up a parcel.
  22. (v.) One of a set of revolving cylinders, or rollers, between which metal is pressed, formed, or smoothed, as in a rolling mill; as, to pass rails through the rolls.
  23. (n.) To apply (one line or surface) to another without slipping; to bring all the parts of (one line or surface) into successive contact with another, in suck manner that at every instant the parts that have been in contact are equal.
  24. (v.) A heavy cylinder used to break clods.
  25. (n.) To turn over in ones mind; to revolve.
  26. (n.) To press or level with a roller; to spread or form with a roll, roller, or rollers; as, to roll a field; to roll paste; to roll steel rails, etc.
  27. (v. i.) To perform a periodical revolution; to move onward as with a revolution; as, the rolling year; ages roll away.
  28. (v.) Part; office; duty; role.
  29. (v.) A document written on a piece of parchment, paper, or other materials which may be rolled up; a scroll.
  30. (v. i.) To make a loud or heavy rumbling noise; as, the thunder rolls.
  31. (v. i.) To beat a drum with strokes so rapid that they can scarcely be distinguished by the ear.
  32. (v.) That which is rolled up; as, a roll of fat, of wool, paper, cloth, etc.
  33. (n.) To wrap round on itself; to form into a spherical or cylindrical body by causing to turn over and over; as, to roll a sheet of paper; to roll parchment; to roll clay or putty into a ball.
  34. (v. i.) To turn; to move circularly.
  35. (v.) The act of rolling, or state of being rolled; as, the roll of a ball; the roll of waves.
  36. (v.) The oscillating movement of a vessel from side to side, in sea way, as distinguished from the alternate rise and fall of bow and stern called pitching.
Bun, Cast, Coil, Curl, Gyre, Hustle, Peal, Pealing, Pluck, Revolve, Ringlet, Roller, Rolling, Roster, Scroll, Seethe, Twine, Undulate, Wheel, Whorl, Wind, Wrap,

• Rollway

  1. (n.) A place prepared for rolling logs into a stream.

• Roller

  1. (n.) A long cylinder on which something is rolled up; as, the roller of a man.
  2. (n.) A bandage; a fillet; properly, a long and broad bandage used in surgery.
  3. (n.) One of series of long, heavy waves which roll in upon a coast, sometimes in calm weather.
  4. (n.) A long, belt-formed towel, to be suspended on a rolling cylinder; -- called also roller towel.
  5. (n.) A small wheel, as of a caster, a roller skate, etc.
  6. (n.) One who, or that which, rolls; especially, a cylinder, sometimes grooved, of wood, stone, metal, etc., used in husbandry and the arts.
  7. (n.) A cylinder coated with a composition made principally of glue and molassess, with which forms of type are inked previously to taking an impression from them.
  8. (n.) Any species of small ground snakes of the family Tortricidae.
  9. (n.) ANy insect whose larva rolls up leaves; a leaf roller. see Tortrix.
  10. (n.) Any one of numerous species of Old World picarian birds of the family Coraciadae. The name alludes to their habit of suddenly turning over or "tumbling" in flight.
Crimper, Curler, Roll, Tumbler,

• Rollable

  1. (a.) Capable of being rolled.

• Roller bearing

  1. () A bearing containing friction rollers.

• Rolly-pooly

  1. (n.) A game in which a ball, rolling into a certain place, wins.

• Rollic

  1. (v. i.) To move or play in a careless, swaggering manner, with a frolicsome air; to frolic; to sport; commonly in the form rollicking.

• Rolled

  1. (imp. & p. p.) of Roll
Involute, Rolling, Trilled,

• Rollicked

  1. (imp. & p. p.) of Rollic

• Rolly-poly

  1. (a.) Shaped like a rolly-poly; short and stout.
  2. (n.) A kind of pudding made of paste spread with fruit, rolled into a cylindrical form, and boiled or steamed.

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