seraphi Synonyms & Definition

• Seraphic

  1. (a.) Alt. of Seraphical
Angelic, Angelical, Cherubic, Seraphical, Sweet,

• Seraphical

  1. (a.) Of or pertaining to a seraph; becoming, or suitable to, a seraph; angelic; sublime; pure; refined.

• Seraphicism

  1. (n.) The character, quality, or state of a seraph; seraphicalness.

• Seraphim

  1. (n.) The Hebrew plural of Seraph. Cf. Cherubim.
  2. (pl. ) of Seraph

• Seraphina

  1. (n.) A seraphine.

• Seraphine

  1. (n.) A wind instrument whose sounding parts are reeds, consisting of a thin tongue of brass playing freely through a slot in a plate. It has a case, like a piano, and is played by means of a similar keybord, the bellows being worked by the foot. The melodeon is a portable variety of this instrument.

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